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We're Closing for an extended break soon!

The break will begin on May 1st.

Hi SlingShots Family,

Thank you for a great first quarter of the year 2024. As a heads up, we are notifying you in advance to announce our extended break that begins this May and will span over the months of Summer. During this time we will not be available to book/shoot. Editing will continue for the first 2 weeks of the break. Beginning May 1st 2024, we will temporarily cease photo shoot operations (for approximately 3 months). This means that Sunday, April 28th, will be the final shoot day before the break begins. Although we do not have an exact return date set in stone, we are anticipating returning in the month of August at the soonest, with the possibility of an extension to our break at that time. We strongly urge you to plan your headshot sessions before Sunday, April 28th if you require new photos to use for the summer.

Thank you!

Things to Keep in mind:

*Any and all updates concerning our break and our return will be communicated via email. When we have an official return date we will make an announcement and our website/booking calendar will reflect our availability.

Thank you!

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